Existence and Beyond: A Figurative Exploration of Humanity and the Cosmos

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My Upcoming Project: Existence and Beyond.

 In this project, I aim to capture the essence of human existence and its relations with God, nature, and the cosmos. Using figurative painting as my medium, I create dynamic and expressive compositions that are filled with decorative patterns and symbolic elements.

I use circular forms to emphasize the emotions and movements of the human figures, as well as to suggest the cycles and connections of life.

A Figurative Exploration of Humanity and the Cosmos

The background is mostly composed of sky, stars, and constellations, representing the vastness and mystery of the universe. In some frames, I also incorporate some instruments and tools that reflect the human attempts to measure and understand the world around them. Through this project, I hope to invite the viewers to reflect on their own place and purpose in this complex and beautiful cosmos

Cosmic Reflections on God’s Power and Presence

My upcoming project is inspired by the awe-inspiring beauty of the galaxy, the sky, and the human mind. These elements represent the vastness and diversity of God’s creation and how it reflects His glory and wisdom.

Through this project, I hope to convey the sense of wonder and gratitude that God’s infinite power evokes in us. I want to share my personal experience of feeling connected to God through observing and appreciating His works in nature and in ourselves.

This project also challenges you to think about how God’s presence is manifested in your life and how it influences your faith journey. I invite you to join me in exploring the cosmic connection between the galaxy, the sky, and the human mind, and how it can inspire us to grow closer to God

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