Participating in a Workshop and Symposium in Turkey for the Republic Ceremony

Participating in a Workshop and Symposium in Turkey for the Republic Ceremony

 I had the honor of participating in a workshop and symposium in Turkey for the republic ceremony, which marks the anniversary of the proclamation of the Turkish Republic in 1923. The workshop and symposium were organized by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and invited artists from different countries to create paintings on the theme of the Turkish republic.

The workshop lasted for 10 days, during which I had to paint two 100×70 cm paintings on canvas. I decided to use abstract expressionism and formalism as my artistic styles, as I wanted to explore the emotions and forms that the Turkish republic evokes. I was inspired by the Turkish flag, which is a symbol of pride and honor for the Turkish people and has a fascinating history behind its creation.

Painting the Turkish Republic: How I Used Abstract Expressionism and Formalism to Honor a Nation

My paintings are composed of red and white colors, which are the colors of the Turkish flag, and feature various shapes and lines that represent the star and crescent of the flag. I also incorporated some elements of Persian art, such as curly and circular forms, to reflect my own cultural background and to create a dynamic and connected feel. My paintings are meant to express my admiration and respect for the Turkish republic and its people, as well as my personal interpretation of their identity and values.

My Artistic Journey in Turkey: Inspired by the Turkish Flag

The symposium was held on the last day of the workshop, where all the artists presented their paintings and shared their thoughts and experiences. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn from other artists, exchange ideas, and appreciate different perspectives. I was very grateful for being part of this event and for having the chance to showcase my art in Turkey. It was a memorable and enriching experience that I will never forget. 🙏

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