Interviews — 5 Min Read

Persian surrealism

Interviews — 5 Min Read

Persian surrealism

Illustrator steps into the world of surrealism with a focus on “one of the fundamental characters in Persian painting” – the horse.

My work is the result of a long and challenging journey to find my personal aesthetic. I have experimented with different themes and styles over the years, but I have always been influenced by my previous studies in Persian painting, especially of horse riders.

How Persian Horse Riders Shaped My Personal Aesthetic

Horse riders are one of the fundamental characters in Persian painting. They symbolize power, nobility and courage. They also have a rich and diverse variety of forms and expressions that captivate me as an artist.

The Anatomy of Cavalries: A Study in Persian Painting and Decorative Patterns

I became obsessed with analyzing the anatomies of cavalries from different perspectives. I wanted to capture their movement, energy and beauty in every detail. I started to create decorative patterns from their shapes and angles, using curves, lines and dots.

I also used the repetition, division and unity of decorative patterns to express human emotions. I wanted to convey the feelings and thoughts that emerge from riding a horse, such as freedom, joy and exhilaration. I also wanted to reflect the connection and harmony between the rider and the horse.

My work is a combination of realism and abstraction, tradition and innovation, form and emotion. It is a tribute to the Persian culture and art that I love and respect. It is also a reflection of my personal vision and experience as an artist.

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