January 2024

Exploring the Order and Harmony of the Universe through Persian Art

Persian Patterns: Cosmic Vision

I use these patterns to create complex and colorful compositions that reflect the order and harmony of the cosmos and the Creator. In this section, I display some of my latest works that demonstrate mastery of Persian patterns and how I use them to express my cosmic vision.

I explore the theme of cosmic creation through the lens of Persian art and culture. I use abstract forms and patterns that resemble the shapes and movements of the universe, such as spirals, circles, waves, and curves. I also use vibrant colors and textures to create a dynamic and expressive visual language that reflects my personal and social history. One of the distinctive features of this project is the manipulation of the women’s dress and body to create a contrast between the traditional and the modern, the natural and the artificial, the feminine and the masculine. I challenge the conventional notions of beauty, identity, and gender by transforming and distorting the female figures in my artworks.